Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jack Layton Presented With CAW Jacket

At an NDP fundraiser held last night in St. Catharines at the CAW local 199 hall, NDP leader Jack Layton was presented with a CAW jacket as a parting gift. The symbolism wasn't lost on the 200+ people in attendance. You''ll recall that CAW president Buzz Hargrove made waves during the 2006 federal election for presenting then Prime Minister Paul Martin with a CAW jacket, much to the dismay of New Democrats. Since then, the CAW President has been booted from the party and his union has cut off ties with the NDP. However, the union leadership does not always represent the values of the rank-and-file. The NDP's candidate in Welland, Malcolm Allen, is a CAW member and a local politician who has a decent shot at picking up a new seat for the party. He is being supported by both his union and the party. In the picture above, Layton and Allen shake hands after the NDP leader is presented a CAW jacket.

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