Friday, February 1, 2008

Hillary Clinton Exposed as Wal-Mart Stooge

I bet Clinton was hoping this old footage wouldn't resurface. Will her union endorsers stick with her despite her murky history with Wal-Mart?


Yappa said...

You really can't trust US media. Maybe she didn't mention this in her memoir, but she sure mentions it on her official web site (

"Wal-Mart was Arkansas' largest employer when Sam Walton asked Senator Clinton to be the first woman on their Board. As the first woman on the Board, Senator Clinton felt a special responsibility to encourage the growth of women and minority employment on all levels of the company and urged the company to be more environmentally sensitive. Senator Clinton also worked with Sam Walton to encourage his support of a corporate tax initiative in Arkansas that funded a historic educational reform initiative that she led."

Would you rather have a president who doesn't know anything about business? They're not running to head up a public interest group: the president needs to understand business. Her experience as a board member of Wal-Mart is an asset, not a dirty secret.

Kwil said...

So either she's completely ineffective at trying to get people to do things, considering that Wlamart hasn't done any of the things she was supposedly suggesting, or that she's lying about what she tried to get them to do.

Hmm.. ineffective or dishonest. Which to choose, which to choose.