Sunday, February 3, 2008

California is Key for Obama

Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama needs to win California in Tuesday if he wants to continue his campaign for America's top spot. Recent opinion polls show that the Illinois Senator is quickly closing the gap in delegate-rich California.

Feb 3 (Suffolk) Clinton 39, Obama 40
Feb 2 (Rasmussen) Clinton 44, Obama 45
Feb 2 (Reuters) Clinton 41, Obama 45

After leading in California for months, the Clinton campaign is faltering. If Obama can keep up this pace, he'll have a shot at defeating Clinton in the long run.


KC said...

My understanding is that Cali delegates are divided up proportionally rather than winner takes all so really a slim win or slim loss won't make a big difference.

uncorrectedproofs said...

It's the sheer number that makes California key. If Obama can win more than Clinton, he can solider on. If he wins fewer delegates than CLinton in Cali, he's pretty much toast.