Monday, November 19, 2007

Unofficial 2007 Blogging Dipper Awards


The 2007 Unofficial Blogging Dipper Awards is an opportunity to nominate and to recognize our favourite NDP blogs. There are no fancy buttons or badges, but I would encourage members of the Blogging Dipper community to link to this post in an effort to generate interest. We are looking for the best Dipper blogs in the following categories:

Best Overall Dipper Blog
Best Feminist Dipper Blog
Best Labour Dipper Blog
Best Partisan Dipper Blog
Best Radical Dipper Blog


I have been a member of the Blogging Dipper community for about a year now. Although the community is full of interesting blogs, it continues to operate at the margins in the Canadian political blogosphere. In an effort to bring greater attention to the Blogging Dipper community, I thought it would be interesting to launch an unofficial contest to recognize some of the best and brightest bloggers on the left.


Only bloggers who are members of the Blogging Dippers community are eligible for nomination, but all bloggers are free to vote. You can see the full list of potential nominees by scrolling down on the right-side of this page.


Nominations will close on Friday November 30 at noon. Winners will be announced in December 2007.


To nominate a blog in any or all of the categories listed above send an e-mail to or simply leave a comment in response to this post. The three blogs that receive the greatest number of nominations by November 30 will become the three finalists for each category and a new round of voting will begin in December. I will constantly update the community on the status of the awards.


Sean S. said...

Best Overall Dipper Blog:

Accidental Deliberations

Best Feminist Dipper Blog:
Politics n' Poetry

Best Labour Dipper Blog:


Best Partisan Dipper Blog:


Best Radical Dipper Blog:

LeRevue Gauche

Wheatsheaf said...

Great idea. What about a category for "best new Dipper blog" or "Best Environmental blog"?

Wheatsheaf said...

Best overall blog: Uncorrected Proofs, Accidental Deliberations
and Giant Political Mouse

Partisan blog: Buckdog

uncorrectedproofs said...

Thanks for the nomination wheatsheaf, but I'm going to leave myself out of this in the interest of fairness. I do like your idea of expanding the categories... how does everyone else feel?