Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hampton Says He's Not Going Anywhere-- But Don't Buy It

Don't be fooled by this story in the Toronto Star. Although Ontario NDP leader Howard Hampton told the party faithful this weekend that he has no intention of stepping down as leader, campaigns to replace him are being organized as we speak. Ian Urquhart likely has it right when he he writes this:

Some New Democrats believe Hampton has already decided to step down from the leadership in mid-term, or in 2009. That would get the provincial party past the federal election (assuming it is in 2008, which is a big assumption). It would also mean the party could turn its biennial meeting, planned for 2009, into a leadership convention, thereby avoiding the cost of two big gatherings.

If Hampton has, indeed, decided to go in two years, why wouldn't he just announce that now? Because it would make him a lame-duck leader.

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