Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sask Party Poised to Win Majority

The first, and as far as I can tell only, poll of the Saskatchewan election campaign suggests Brad Wall's Saskatchewan Party will win a majority government on November 7. This is hardly surprising given the NDP's unpopularity in recent years.

Sask Party 50%
NDP 35%
Liberal 10%

With numbers like these the NDP will be lucky to hold onto 20 seats and the Sask Party will likely pick up an additional ten seats, thus securing a strong majority for Brad Wall. The silver lining for the NDP is that a greater proportion of Liberals than New Democrats are moving to the Sask Party, therefore increasing the likelihood that Liberal leader David Karwacki will go down to defeat.

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The Jurist said...

Note that the Saskatchewan NDP came back from a similar gap in 2003 to win (albeit in a poll further away from the election). As much as the provincial Libs seems to want to pretend otherwise, the outcome is far from certain - and there's still plenty of time for voters to choose progressive leadership.

leftdog said...

The poll only tested 650 and was sponsored by a group who HATE the New Democrats - the Saskatchewan Weekly Newspaper Association.

The poll is not a good refelection because in many rural seats, the Sask Party gets 65 - 75%^ of the vote. This does NOT translate out at 50% priovince wide. They do have a lead province wide, but the 15% will not give them the type of majority many think.

The reason that no other major newspaper or group has published a poll is because it actually shows the NDP doing better then the SWNA poll - the main stream media has decided that they want a change of govenment after 16 years of NDP rule and the news slant against Calvert is so blatant that it is almost a joke right now.

albertan said...

Support the "Alberta Advantage" by voting NDP in Sask. The NDP have been a great support for Alberta.