Friday, October 5, 2007

Hampton Trashed by Hargrove

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Buzz Hargrove, leader of Ontario's biggest union, yesterday slammed Howard Hampton and the NDP, arguing the party has "lost complete touch" with the people of the province.

"They are worse than they've ever been. I see absolutely no reason to vote NDP," said Hargrove, president of the Canadian Auto Workers. His union has 185,000 members in Ontario and 265,000 nationally, mainly in the auto industry but also in other important manufacturing sectors...

Countered Ryan: "Buzz has no idea what he's talking about... It shows how out of touch he is with politics in the Durham Region and with the feelings of the CAW membership in Oshawa."

Pointing out he has the support of CAW Local 222 in Oshawa, Ryan added: "Buzz rarely ever sets foot in Oshawa. ... Buzz is in a bubble."

Hargrove also warned Hampton's election promise to roll back recent pay raises for MPPs is a precursor to cutting the wages of public sector workers in Ontario.

"You can kid some of the people who weren't around, but you can't kid me. I was there," said Hargrove of the NDP record in government from 1990-1995.

"If you look at the NDP when they were in power for five years – and Hampton was one of the key cabinet ministers – boy, they were on the extreme right, including cutting the wages of Sid Ryan's members by 5 per cent for three

How does that union song go again? Solidarity Forever?


Cliff said...

Hargrove is a back-room backslapper of the worst sort. He's the kind of parody of an old school union leader who discourages younger workers from getting involved in organized labour.

northwestern_lad said...

Buzz is only looking out for one person, and that's Buzz. He just further proved that by saying that Ontario is better off under McGuinty, even while how many of his members are being layed off???? Give me a break Buzz. The only jobs being created in the Auto-sector are in Non-unionized shops like Toyota. How is that good for your members or your industry Buzz??? Buzz's ego needs to be brought down a few thousand percent, because he's doing nothing to help the cause of his members and Ontaro by backing that Liberal nag.