Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ontario NDP Leadership Convention: Delegated or OMOV?

The last Ontario NDP leadership convention in 1996 was a delegated convention, but I’ve heard from several people that the party has adopted a one-member, one-vote system for the 2009 convention. I haven’t been to an NDP convention in years. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

The format would almost certianly have a strong effect on the result. I doubt Hampton could have won a OMOV contest in 1996.


Wheatsheaf said...

consider it confirmed

ravijo said...

%99.99 (rounded down) sure it's OMOV. The question is of course, how will the party reach out to new communities and grow?


Rob Cottingham said...

From the ONDP Constitution:

(a) Every member is entitled to cast a ballot for the election of the Leader.

(b) The ballots cast by Party members shall be weighted to a total of 75% of the votes counted in a Leadership election, and the balance, 25% of the votes counted in a Leadership election, shall
be allocated among the affiliated members.

(c) At every regular convention that is not a leadership convention, a secret ballot vote will be held to determine whether or not a leadership election should be called. If a majority of the voting delegates supports the calling of a leadership election, such an election will be held within one year of the convention vote.

(d) The Leader will be chosen by secret ballot. Candidates for the leadership with the fewest number of weighted votes will drop off the ballot in subsequent rounds until one candidate receives a majority of the total weighted votes cast in that round. Other leadership selection procedures will be determined by Provincial Council.

uncorrectedproofs said...

I wonder how teh affiliated votes work... does each union affiliate get one vote (and is sum they count for 25% of the total?) What if a president or decision-makers of an affiliated organization are nnot members of the NDP?