Saturday, May 31, 2008

Atheism in Canada

A recent poll reveals that roughly one quarter of Canadian do not believe in a god. Among young Canadians, 36% do not beleive in a god. Encouraging figures.


West End Bob said...

amen . . . . :)

The Nag said...

Not so encouraging if you're god :-)

Aspentroll said...

It must be something like the water, the weather or something else. In the US, especially the southern parts,are more committed to the evangelistic approach.

Then again maybe our parents here in Canada haven't bothered to brainwash their young with the delusions of christianity.
In any case it is encouraging to hear that Canadians are more clear thinking than our neighbors to the south.

Ryan said...

It would probably be even more encouraging if you asked if they believed in a theistic God.

Though, to be honest, I think it's kind of patriarchal or condescending to think it inherently negative that someone believes in a theistic God. It is action, not belief that proves the positivity or negativity in both atheism and religiousity.