Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ADQ Loses Ground in Three Quebec By-Elections

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Gaudreault, Maryse (P.L.Q./Q.L.P.) 45.24 %
Aubé, Gilles (P.Q.) 33.95 %
Clennett, Bill (Q.S.) 9.72 %
Gibb, Brian (P.V.Q./G.P.Q.) 7.20 %
Ruel, Jean-Philip (A.D.Q./É.M.D.) 3.23 %

The ADQ slid from third to fifth place in Hull, where Quebec Solidaire put in its only decent showing.


Kotto, Maka (P.Q.) 40.54 %
Thériault, Lyn (P.L.Q./Q.L.P.) 32.04 %
McKay, Scott (P.V.Q./G.P.Q.) 11.26 %
Mondor, Denis (A.D.Q./É.M.D.) 9.44 %
Legault, Gaétan (Q.S.) 4.41 %

Former BQ MP Maka Kotto cruised to victory in Bourget, besting Green Party leader Scott McKay who registered an impressive vote total. The ADQ fell from second to fourth place.


Léger, Nicole (P.Q.) 55.92 %
Dumais, Mélissa (P.L.Q./Q.L.P.) 21.74 %
Bellemare, Diane (A.D.Q./É.M.D.) 13.90 %
Daxhelet, Xavier (P.V.Q./G.P.Q.) 4.81 %
Pigeon, Marie Josèphe (Q.S.) 1.61 %

The result in this sovereignist stronghold was no surprise. The ADQ fell from second to third place.

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