Monday, March 10, 2008

Peter Tabuns and the Ontario NDP Leadership

Still unconvinced by this and this?

How about the fact that the domain name is now pointing to Peter Tabuns' webpage? The domain name was registered back in 2000, six years before Tabuns was even elected to the legislative assembly.

Also, the brains behind this is rumoured to have abandoned the project at the urging of the Tabuns people, who would rather see Howie step down gracefully than pushed down the stairs.


Rudy said...

Not to dispute your claim but... is registered to the "NDP Caucus" and the contact is Chief of Staff Rob Milling.

I'm not convinced the conspiracy to elect Tabuns goes this deep. Occam's razor and all that.

That noted, Tabuns is clearly gearing up to run. More power to him - but he's not the solution. If we're worried that Howard Hampton is kinda dull and uninspiring even if he has his heart in the right place why would we pick a guy who (sorry) is just another dull white guy (even though his heart's in the right place)?

uncorrectedproofs said...

My point was that the URL should be pointing to the NDP's webpage, not to Tabuns' personal page.

Rudy said...

You're right.

But my point is that I find it hard to believe that the NDP Caucus and their Chief of Staff are deliberately steering people to Tabuns website.

It's far more plausible that this is just a screw-up.

Probable even.