Sunday, March 9, 2008

Joan Beatty Putting "God First" in Saskatchewan By-election.

Joan Beatty, the federal Liberal candidate in the DesnethéMissinippi–Churchill River by-election, has an interesting explanation for why she is running on here website.

My father’s advice about the election was simple: “Always put God first..."

Oh brother... maybe losing her to Liberals wasn't such a terrible loss after all.

By the way, why does the Saskatchewan NDP continue to list her as an MLA?


Rightwingbob said...

That is so funny! As for why she is still on their website, I have to guess that the Sask NDP is not yet adjusting to being out of government. The other day they did a 'report card' on Premier Wall's first 100 days. I went to their site to see what the grades were, but they have never put that on their website. So, I have to imagine that they are still having problems trying to set themselves up.

janfromthebruce said...

"By the way, why does the Saskatchewan NDP continue to list her as an MLA?"

Cause god said it was just??

Just funnin you.

Chris said...

Joan Beatty is no longer listed on as an MLA by the NDP and hasn't been for some time. You are linking to an old link that apparently is still active when you go directly to that page. Must just be an oversite on their part in not completely disabling the page where her information was.

If you go to the party site, caucus site or list of critics you will see that she is no longer listed and that you cannot link to her page in your post.