Monday, December 31, 2007

Political Predictions: Looking Back on 2007

Back in January 2007, I made a series of political predictions with decidedly mixed results.

Many of the predictions did not come to fruition because of elections that did not take place(Federal election, Alberta election...). Others, I revised in advance (Nicholson prediction), while others are likely to come true sooner rather than later (Hampton's resignation).

On the positive side, I correctly predicted that the Ontario Liberals would be re-elected with a reduced majority and that John Tory would lose in his own riding.

On the negative side, I incorrectly predicted that the PQ would win a majority in the Quebec election and that the Bloc's anti-scab bill would become law (I was almost right on that last one...)

In the coming days, I'll make my predictions for 2008. Hopefully, I'll be a little closer to the mark.

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