Tuesday, March 27, 2007

NDP Eyes Thunder Bay-Superior North

Stephane Dion's decision to boot Joe Comuzzi from caucus for indicating that he will support the federal budget has made Comuzzi's riding of Thunder Bay-Superior North target number 1 for the NDP. In 2006, Comuzzi barely held off an NDP challenge, winning the riding by fewer than 400 votes. Comuzzi was planning on retiring after this term, but his exit is strangely reminiscent of Herb Gray's in Windsor West in that local voters resented the way in which the party leadership handled their long serving local MP. The NDP had strength in the Windsor area and won the seat easily once Gray left. The party expects the same thing will happen in Thunder Bay-Superior North, a seat the party held from 1984-88. Although it is true that both the Liberals and the NDP oppose the budget, Stephane Dion and the Liberals will be the lightning rod, and without the advantage of the incumbency, it will be hard for the Liberals to hold this seat.

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James Bowie said...

Bruce can't win. The NDP didn't get the candidate they actually wanted, Jim Foulds, and now they're stuck with a two-time-loser.

The NDP in Thunder Bay doesn't have the support of teachers, workers unions, students, or any of the major immigrant groups. This is indicative of the protest party that saw the peak of its power in the 1980's under Ed Broadbent. It has no leadership, no recruitment, no vision, and no credibility. Ask Pat Martin for whom the bell tolls.

I understand that we want to make elections sensational, but to suggest that Bruce is a serious contender against Ray Zuliani, Don Patterson, or Mary Long-Irwin is dishonest. You shouldn't mislead people like that just to try to attract readers.